Vizitka podjetja

Top G Projekt d.o.o.,
Kojsko 15/c, 5211 Kojsko

Mejni prehod 2, Vrtojba
5290 Šempeter pri Gorici

Tel: +386 5 994 61 72
Fax: +386 5 393 39 97



Top G Projekt has produced, sold and installed  excellent quality doors and windows for almost two decades. With its high degree of craftsmanship and state-of-the-art European machinery, ensure that the highest production standards are maintained.


Founded in 1994 by two far-sighted Slovenian entrepreneurs joining their forces, skills and experience to become a leading company and  the first to approach and penetrate the Slovene market of armored doors.



Through the years, Top G Projekt has grown both its asset and the number of employees. In 1998 the company faced the Italian market, since then Top G Projekt has worked all the way across Europe to Russia, Armenia and Tunisia with highlights such as the US Embassy in Rome.



Our specialties are the restoration of old windows, shutters and special facilities with historical and
artistic interest. The special Tuscan method of aging allows us to give an antique look to our items
according to your desire



Top G Projekt windows & doors are available in a wide variety of shapes, sizes and customized.  Designed to withstand the harsh regional climatic conditions, they are built to last. High quality wood, PVC, aluminum and any possible combinations of these materials combined with state-of-the-art technology, experience, passion, dedication and know-how are Top G Projekt standards to customer satisfaction.

Always present, within the spirit of the company, the artistic sensibility has been an important part of its activity by supporting several cultural events such as mmmART of Medana in Goriska Brda.